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Friday Football

I never thought I would be writing a blog entry about football but here I am….

Word of forewarning- I find all football teams equally annoying, over paid, over hyped, and I am waiting for everyone to realize that you are cheering about the ability of grown men to throw a ball.

I do however love spending time with my brother and sister in law so when they asked the hubs and I to go to a football game and watch the vikings play against someone- we were down.

Marlow got dropped off to be puppy-sat  play with one of my besties and her adorable baby A.

Off we went to see the family and our adorable little niece LJ- can’t wait to meet her little brother that will be here in few months!

And then we went to see grown men throw a ball around.

And we saw how easy it is to sneak liquire into the stadium. My brother told me it was one of the tougher stadiums to sneak alcohol in so I took that as a challenge.

BTW- a mixed drink could be $12 at this stadium. No thank you.

And don’t tell me that the most frugal thing to do is to not drink. Duh. I know that- but if I was going to watch men run around after a ball and slap each other’s butts I wanted to get my drink on and lack of my willingness to pay an arm and a leg for an alcoholic beverage was not going to stop me.

Anyhow- a cheap purse from goodwill with some well placed pockets did wonders. Funny thing? This is the smallest purse I own!!!


So after feeling like a complete Bad A$$ for sneaking in three small bottles of alcohol- we all had a good laugh and settled in to watch the Vikings kick the Buffalo Bills booties up and down the field with a final score of 36 to 14.



Anyhow, we all had fun and it was a great way to come together and celebrate our 4 year anniversaries- yup you read that right. John and I were married less than 24 hours after his brother K and his wife L. While our wedding ceremonies were over a year apart- they got married at a justice of the peace around noon, and the next day John and I were married at a lawyer’s office around 11am.


I stink at taking photos but here we are- four years of marriage 🙂

Of course I will end this post showing off the flowers that hubs got me and the meal he cooked (steak and potatoes- I choose well)




Next post will be a craft post. Promise. If I feel like it.


Lemme know what you think!

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