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Poor Couple Eats Well- Part II

So the my last post about food broke down how much, on the higher side, it costs for us to eat per meal.

Now, for the fun part (sarcasm)

The rest of the breakdown:

Average cost of one breakfast= .75

Average cost for one lunch and/or dinner= .98

Average cost per person per day= $2.71

Average cost per person per month= $82.66

That is a monthly cost of $165.31 for our household to spend on groceries for us to each have 3 square meals a day. And I figured our more expensive meals since all of the lunch/dinner meals above include meat- and we only eat meat somewhere between 30%-60% of our lunch/dinner meals in a typical week.

Lets be realistic however, shall we?

I drink coffee. A lot of coffee. $9.00 worth of coffee a month. And we love our sour cream (as you can probably tell from the previous post).  Oh, and we love eating.

Three meals a day? Thats hardly gonna cut it. And you don’t want to be around us when we are hungry- not pleasant. Not pleasant at all….

So this is what we normally do for the miscellanous that isn’t included in the total above:

Condiments and Staples:

  • Coffee= $8.99
  • Tea= $4.99
  • Sour Cream (x2)= $4.58
  • Taco Sauce= $2.68


NOTE: for fruit, we buy whatever is on sale- this month it happened to be apples, cherries and peaches.

  • Peaches= $2.89
  • Apples= $2.99
  • Cherries= $4.89
  • Popcorn=$3.69
  • Butter= $2.29

Total Miscellaneous Expenses: $37.99

That brings our monthly food grand total to…. $203.30

Lets round up to $205.00 for fun. That’s what we normally spend on food.

What is “normal” for other households you may ask….

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says the average cost of groceries for a couple living thrifty is $375 per month.

For those of you interested in the math, we are spending about 55% of that.

BTW, if you are a couple spending “liberally” the average cost of groceries is $746.50. Yeah- that would feed us for almost four months.

This really surprised me because I know there are things that we could be even thriftier about.

For example:

  • because of where we live we can’t grow any of our own fruits or veggies
  • we use canned(prepared) beans because we are too lazy to use the dried ones
  • we eat a lot (it’s true, I don’t run 3-5 times a week just because it’s fun)
  • even though we typically don’t eat a lot of meat- we could eat even less
  • I could give up coffee (the tea is peppermint and/or ginger tea that I use when I have an upset tummy so tea isn’t on the cutting block)
  • we currently don’t grow any of our own herbs or spices (although if we did I could potentially make tea from that)

In addition to all the above, there are other things that people could do to save money that we can’t because of my gluten issue. For example- of brand of beans is only .46 instead of .92, I have to buy name brand coffee because the cheaper stuff uses “natural flavors” that contain barley malt (contains gluten) and that is an extra few bucks there; cream soups I have to buy name brand- and something more expensive than Campbell’s since all Campbell’s soups use wheat flour as a thickener.


4 thoughts on “Poor Couple Eats Well- Part II

  1. $375.00? Wow, I must be better than I thought. lol. A big shopping trip for us is $150 for a 2 week span. That usually includes the more expensive items like dog food and such. Unless we go to BJ’s which is about 4 times a year and then we do a stock up. I don’t feel so bad now. lol.

    • I am from Canada and i think that food is much more expensive here… we are a family of 4 me my husband my 17 month old toddler and my 2 weeks old baby (breast feed so dont count in the grocery bill) and we are running special , grow our own herbs and some veggies during the nice season , make my own bread and we still spend 100 to a 150$ a WEEK and its a normality here! We do live in a big town (Montreal) and ting are cheaper here than the suburb! i wish we had your food price wow!

      • The author of the original article managed that. LOL. I don’t, though I wish I could. I try to allow myself $150 for food every 2 weeks, but that’s getting harder and harder to do. I live in NW Mass and even in season produce is really expensive up here. I wish I had those food prices, too. lol

  2. Do you bake your own glutenfree bread? My grandson who is in college just figured out that he had a problem with gluten. He asked me to do that for him. I got it all together now and it is turning out pretty good. He said the bread that was gluten free was like cardboard that he had bought. He is disappointed about cambell’s soup too. He spends a long time in the store reading product labels and I do to now. Thanks for posting this.

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