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Seeing Spots

Finally finished the one afghan that I started in April of last year. It is sad how long it took me to finish this blanket. All 99 motifs were done, but it took me nearly 5 months to finally use a better joining method to join them in a 9 x 11 blanket, and whip up a simple fan border around it.


I tried to get Marlow to move for this photo but he was not having it. It is big enough to cover our couch, and I love the way it turned out!



Marlow was not happy with me taking pictures while he was trying to nap, lol!




6 thoughts on “Seeing Spots

  1. Very lovely! An excellent job! I do hope one day I may be able to make something as lovely as this out of my rudimentary, fumbling crocheting attempts. As long as it has taken you to do this afghan, it has taken me to crochet and I have been doing it several times a week. I am quite the slower learner, I must admit lmao! It is quite pitiful, if I must say so myself!

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