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A Granny Square Break

The blanket that will never end is, well, still not finished.

Needless to say, this is the last time that I will wait until the end of the project to weave in all those bazillion ends (no, I am not exaggerating).

To save my sanity, I am working on another blanket that is going much, much quicker and solves a problem that I had in my craft room. I had a lot of projects that I started working on for a little bit and for one reason or another never wanted to finish- the gauge was wrong, the colors looked goofy, turns out the baby was a boy and not a girl… etc. And I had yet to frog them- so that was a nice little pile.

There was also a pile of scraps that I hadn’t used up in the blanket that will never end, and other projects that I did finish- but still had a substantial amount of yarn available. So that was piling up in a lovely little pile as well.

Now comes the granny square blanket. I must admit that I never, ever, ever actually wanted to make a traditional granny square blanket because… well, it was so traditional. Who wants that?

But time went on, and now that our home has a growing stockpile of afghans (if the zombie apocalypse ever does come- we will be toasty warm!) it almost felt weird that one of the projects was not a granny square afghan- the hallmark of a crocheter’s home, the most recognizable blanket ever.

That and every time I see Big Bang Theory I see the granny square afghan in Amy’s apartment and it makes me nostalgic of Rosanne (someone please tell me they know what I am talking about) so I finally pulled out my 200 Crocheted Blocks by Jan Eaton (yeah, I needed a pattern for the basic granny square) and started frogging old projects.

Thus, the beginning of our first (and lets face it, probably last) granny square blanket was born:



Start all squares with 5 random colors (I am using all worsted weight yarn with a size H crochet hook)


Make a bunch- the only thing color-wise that I even pay attention to is that I try to end each square on a different color. Even then I will sometimes just grab whatever. This is not a project that I am taxing a lot of brain cells on….



Then add a neutral color border. This is a brown that I had in a few projects that I frogged and that is the sole reason why I picked it. I wasn’t even a fan of it, but the hubster liked it and I figure if I still didn’t like it by the end of the project it would become a gift for someone.




Then, using Carina’s Method of Joining Granny Squares I joined the squares- not even laying them out on the floor to get them “just right”.

And there you have it. A blanket that I am crocheting to save my sanity from another blanket that I am crocheting. Only fellow crafters will be able to follow my logic there.


By the way, the neutral meduim brown has grown on me- and I think it helps tone down the bright randomness of the different colors (I can’t even count how many different colors are in this sucker).

Oh, and how quick is this blanket coming along?

I started last week. I have 2 out of 9 rows completely joined, another row’s worth of motifs ready to be joined, and another row ready to have the brown border placed on them.  Compared to my other blanket, this one is going along at warp speed!



3 thoughts on “A Granny Square Break

  1. Never thought of using brown as a background color – looks good – am making a granny square now using multi-color yarn that was on sale. Don’t have to change colors cause the yarn is self striping. Sorry – don’t remember a granny square on Roseanne. Love ya.

  2. It is lovely. I know what you mean about joining and weaving in ends, so I always do both as I go…..crocheting over and hiding yarn as I crochet and joining to the next square as I finish a block. Otherwise, I wouldn’t do it at all.

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