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Grannies on TV

All images in my post came from Crochetime: As Seen on TV (very cool site, you should check it out!)

As mentioned in my last post, one of my favorite TV shows features a lovely granny square blanket that lives on the couch of a certain biologist and Sheldon’s girlfriend- Amy.



The blanket appears to be a 17 x 20(?) block blanket made up with grannies that are three rounds, two colors, and all outlined in black. The border is a simple granny border with a light color making up the first round and last round of black to finish it.

Now, for a blast from my past- the afghan from Rosanne.



This is a similar blanket, but with 4 round using 3/4 different colors per block and I am not able to tell from these pictures just how big it is but it does look a lot bigger than the one in Big Bang Theory.

Looking at the two blankets – I think they look very different just but adjusting the amount of colors per block and the number of rounds per square.

This of course is making me wonder if I want to make another granny blanket using only two colors per square, three rounds, and I would use a lighter color …. or maybe I should do black…..

Nothing in our house is black- so I am not sure. May need the hubster to weigh in on this one.

Oh, and for those of you paying attention- yeah, I said I wouldn’t do another granny square blanket, no- the first granny square blanket is still not done (although it is now about half done) and no, the blanket that will never end is still not done (hence the name of this blanket that has been sucking the life out of my weekends for over a month now).

What is your option of granny square blankets? Let me know below, select as many options as you like!


4 thoughts on “Grannies on TV

  1. Yes!! I love these series too, so funny :-). And I’m always glad when I see the blankets, they’re just eye-catching when you’re in love with grannies, aren’t they? Thanks for the pictures, great!

  2. I love granny square blankets I made one for my daughter a couple of weeks back it only took a week to make and it is big enough to cover a single bed. I think they are quick and easy to make :-)x

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