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The Blanket that will never end….

Ok peeps- so here’s the deal:

I am sick of talking about this freaking blanket. No, it is still not done- about 2/3 of the ends still need to be weaved in and that will be a long process that I will break up over several days (or several weeks, whatever)

And I am sure you are all sick of hearing about it.

So here is the last post, complete with pictures of the blanket on our bed (which is where it has been all week- we are already using the blanket)


Materials Used : size H crochet hook, a bunch of Red Heart yarn, and the AfricanFlowers tutorial



The blanket is huge, covering our queen size bed easily. Final count of the motifs = 333



For the pattern itself, rounds 1 and 4 were different colors (the outline and center of the flower), rounds 2 and 3 were both a light beige color (center of the flower petals) and all the flowers were edged in aran/off white yarn.


I joined all the motifs together using a sl st thru front loops only on the front.



The border is a wide ruffle:

Round 1: (aran/off white) : sc in each sc around
Round 2: (teal) 2dc in each sc
Round 3: (teal) dc in each dc
Round 4: (teal) *2dc, dc; repeat from * to end
Round 5:(red) dc in each dc
Round 6: (orange) sc in each dc

And there you have it. The saga of the blanket that will never end shall eventually end- but I am tired of writing about it.

I do want to say- this was a very, very, very fun motif to work and the motifs themselves worked up VERY quickly. There is a possibility that in a few years the pain of finishing this particular blanket will fade and I will make another one. There are two things that I will do differently

1. Weave in ends AS I GO ALONG
2. Use a join as you go method for the motifs themselves

Those two parts were, by far, the most time consuming part of this project.

I do want to end on a happy note- this is a really, really beautiful blanket and in the middle of winter it does wonders to brighten up our bedroom and make it look cheery and happy (as long as we don’t look outside and see the two feet of snow).  Also, as I mentioned previously- this is one of the funnest motifs I have done, and the 333 motifs seemed to just fly by- most of them were done as I was watching TV with hubster.


If I wasn’t so thrilled with how it turned out- I would not be wasting my time to weave in all the ends- so I would recommend this pattern for anyone (but for your own sanity- weave in as you go!!!)

Anyone else ever had a “project that would never end”?



4 thoughts on “The Blanket that will never end….

  1. that is SO NICE! Ends are always a b***h though. The project that never ends for me is the Babette I made my husband 3 years ago. I used the “magic circle” method that is not so magical. All the middles are coming undone 2-3 at a time and I have to redo the middles of these grannies and sewn them in. UGH!

  2. I love the ruffle you added. I have had some projects that I just got so sick of doing that I frogged them and used the yarn in a different project. Your blanket looks amazing.

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