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Why Is Spring Taking It’s Time?


While there is still some snow on the ground, and there is a few more snow showers still predicted to come (no one will be upset if the weather men are wrong about that) I still get the sense that spring is just around the corner.

Either that or it’s cabin fever.

Regardless, everyone I talk to at work is feeling the same itch. Conversations are revolving around what we will do once we see grass again.

I have many plans for once spring comes. First and foremost is opening some freaking windows to get fresh air into our home! And grilling outside- I love grilling outside while playing card games and chilling. An garage sales! Nothing beats being able to find some gorgeous treasure that you otherwise would never be able to afford. My favorite owl planter came from a garage sale:


($3.00 thank you very much)

Also something that I am looking forward to is running outside. I love, love, love to go running on the nature trails and we moved to a city that has many parks and nature trails (versus the one that was in our old town) but since we moved just before winter hit I haven’t been able to explore.


I know I haven’t talked about it much on my blog (or most likely not at all) but the past year I have picked up running) and contrary to my previous believe that you should only run if someone is chasing you- I feel in love with it. I even ran my first 5k last year in October.

485738_10100255520986286_280994878_n (1)

(I am the one in the middle)

And I haven’t ran since. But, with the combination of spring coming and finally being able to purchase a treadmill, I will be running again by this weekend. Or perhaps tonight (I have really, really missed running).

And I have good motivation to get my butt in gear because in the spring will be my first marathon. I am running it with a team as part of a relay race but still- that is 6-7 miles that I will need to conquer. And it is for a great cause as all the money goes to the local YMCA to help re-build it!

So in conclusion- Spring needs to hurry it’s but up so I can have my running in nature, outdoor BBQs, garage sales, and open windows to let the breeze in.


One thought on “Why Is Spring Taking It’s Time?

  1. Sorry, I can’t symphatize with you and your request fro spring. It’s warm ALL YEAR ROUND in the Bahamas and I wish we had a little snow once a year 🙂 You lucky girl! I love that winter photo.

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