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The Perfect Crafting Software?

I get bored. And when I get bored I like to think about random stuff and have wild crazy dreams.

In this case, wild and crazy dreams is referring to what the perfect knitting/crocheting software would look like. But then I thought even more, I love to cross stitch, sew, paint and do other crafty things. Don’t get me wrong, I love sites like and I love blogging on WordPress…. but I don’t always have time to pull together a blog post and Ravelry doesn’t extend to sewing and painting (I know they have cross stitching and weaving in the works).

And what about cooking? One of these days I may actually create something that I want to keep notes on.

So what I want is a  simple computer program that does everything I want it to do… LOL

Here is what I was thinking so far:

  • Journal entry type layout that allows you to categorize, add, edit, delete, and rearrange entries
  • Ability to add photos, notes, title, links, recommendations for next attempts, etc.
  • Ability to interact with the Ravelry website (serach for patterns, add to projects/queue, etc.)
  • Ability to export information to a draft post in WordPress for easy blogging
  • Email projects to friends and family members
  • Ability to interact with Pinterest (linking to a pin, adding a pin)
  • Ability to interact with Tubmlr, Twitter, and – why the heck not – Facebook (I hate Facebook now that my job doesn’t require it)
  • Export directions, instructions, etc. in PDF format for easy sharing

For example, below are a few paintings that I did for my niece:





So, using the program for this project, I would want the program to store the images, then allow to me write notes (in this case the first note would be double-check that my SIL plans on re-decorating my niece’s room) and recommendations (such as maybe do a sketch or two before sitting down at the canvas). Then I would want all that info to be exported into wordpress so that I could tweek it and make it a blog post for all my lovely peeps to read and enjoy and roll their eyes at my terrible paintings.

BTW- my SIL was panning on re-decoration my niece’s room, and both the SIL and niece LOVED the paintings so it all worked out.

Does anyone know of a program that is free/cheap that does all of this?

Has anyone else ever daydreamed about a all-encompassing crafty software program that serves as a interactive journal and you can update multiple sites at once with only a few clicks of a button?

Anything else you would add to the perfect software for all your crafty needs?

What would you call it?

I am leaning towards “The Crafty Unicorn” because I am pretty sure this software is just a myth of a crazy crafter.


One thought on “The Perfect Crafting Software?

  1. Those owl paintings are amazing! I would love some software that does this! At the moment I rely on paper to keep track of my projects but it would be so much easier if it was online!

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