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Peacock Stained Glass Afghan

As anyone who also works in a technology heavy environment will be able to corroborate, the more computers and technology there is- the more likely that they will keep the office at a balmy 60ish degrees.

Okay, that may be a tad bit of exaggeration- but regardless my work place is freezing and I took an afghan to keep me warm right away. As a result, I didn’t even have time to blog about it- but I took it home to wash it this weekend and was able to snag some pictures of it so I can finally share it!


The pattern is JulieAnny’s Stained Glass Afghan Square, and when I first started this afghan the pattern was free. Now she sells it for $1.99 but I have to tell you- it is well worth the two bucks!  This is a fun, easy and quick pattern to whip up and the results are beautiful!


For my blanket, I used green for the main color, dark forest green for the outline, and teal as the accent.


The colors remind me of a peacock, so I have dubbed it my peacock blanket.


I didn’t think to take pictures of the edging, but it is just a ruffle in the teal color. Nothing special.


Sorry for the lousy photos- it was overcast by the time it came out of the dry and I wanted to bring it back to work the very next day.


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