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Droids Get Cold Too

After finishing up the Big Bang Theory afghan, I decided that I wanted to do a quick project- some small and silly.

Basically, I needed a break from crocheting and I needed to do something that would take less than forever to make. So I did what I always do, go to pinterest and watch as the hours go by looking at all the pretty pictures.

A few hours went by and while I found approximately a million things that I wanted to try, nothing really popped out at me. So I headed over to my ravelry queue,

And there is was- the perfect pattern. I had queued it over a year ago as though my past self knew that I would one day want a silly quick pattern.

The iPhoodie.

And it was a timely project as my current cellphone case was beaten up to oblivion and beyond from being bounced around in my purse non-stop for a few years.

So I opened up the pattern for the iPhoodie, and got to it.


The first attempt…. not so much in love with it (and I am not going to photograph that hot mess). I didn’t even finish it. So I went about my merry way and switched things up a bit:

  • Since I don’t have an iPhone, but a Droid- I stopped increasing at 8 sts instead of the 10
  • I seamed up a few rows to make the opening a little smaller (if I do this again I would start knitting in the round at 6 increases, and just increase twice more while knitting in the round instead of doing all the increases flat)
  • I knitted a pattern of stripes that were two rows wide
  • instead of doing the ribbing at the bottom- I just continued in pattern until it was long enough
  • I used the kitchener’s seam instead of the 3-needle BO
  • I added a pom pom (everything is better with a pom pom)
  • I added a finish to the opening of the case by first sc around the very bottom of the opening, then I ch 10, joined to one side of the opening that hadn’t been finished yet, sc around until I reached the other side where it was finished, ch 10 and then broke the yarn. Then I added a knot to each of the “hoodie ties” and unraveled the yarn below the knot

IMG_2783  IMG_2782

I loved the way it turned out! It is the perfect pattern for when you want to knit up something quick and quirky – and it is such a well written pattern that you can easily customize it for your phone and personal tastes.


This was also the perfect project for finally forcing myself to learn how to knit jogless stripes (hint: it is so easy that I am embarrassed that I hadn’t learned it yet).

IMG_2788 IMG_2787

TECHknitting answered all my jogless stripes questions- and they too love pretty pictures so I fully recommend that you check them out if you have any questions about jogless stripes.


What patterns do you know of that would be great little breaks between longer projects (knit or crochet)? Please share below and I will make a post with everyone’s ideas!!



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6 thoughts on “Droids Get Cold Too

    • While I was making this I was thinking that it would be the perfect pattern for a doll- the only modification would be to rib the bottom (which is actually in the main pattern and I omitted for my version) and not stitch it up!

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