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Last Blanket of Winter

So this is the last blanket I will make (I am hoping) this winter – and it is a link that I discovered through the Hookin on Humpdays.

Petal to Picots posted a tutorial- including how she selected the colors for the blanket…. if you remember, I shared the tutorial in response to the poll results that indicated ya’ll would love it.  And I love it too.

One of the interesting parts about the Granny Hexagon Tutorial is that she went into how she selected the colors.


Color selection is a process?

You are suppose to think ahead and plan?


My selection process is normally holding two colors together- asking the hubster if he thinks they look good, and then just going with those colors regardless because I don’t feel like standing around when there is a project to do!

In hindsight- this is most likely why I had so many projects to frog…. well- whatever.

This project I decided to follow the tutorial and come up with three color combos- two cold and one warm.

IMG_2791 IMG_2789 IMG_2792

Look! Color combos!

#1 = dark purple, light purple, and pale blue

#2 – red, orange, and yellow

#3 = teal, bright blue, and light green


As much as I hate to admit it- there is something to be said for taking the time to pair colors together….


Although it still only took a few minutes to play swatch and switch for the yarn colors …. I do have to say … the motifs do look nice together.

I will be joining them with a light beige yarn… that I will pick up this weekend. Hopefully when they are joined I will be all like


And my timing couldn’t be better as the tutorial for joining the motifs was just posted!

Anyone else in the middle of making an afghan? Anyone else dealing with 5 feet drifts of snow in their backyard still?

I am so sick of winter.


2 thoughts on “Last Blanket of Winter

  1. The rainbow afghan sounds pretty! I have never done a CAL although I do think that it could be fun. Hopefully the snow will disappear for both of us soon and we will be able to enjoy sunshine and warmth!!

  2. I’ve got a UFO as a rainbow afghan (an old CAL from the Inner Hooker)…. urg blankets.

    I’m plowing through baby stuff, and the Spring Fling Pillow (thanx Crochet Club for the distraction!!)…..

    I waded through waist high snow today cutting wood. (yay for wood heat?)

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