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Spring has come!


The snow is was melting, the birds are chirping (actually they have been chirping for a while but I have felt bad for them- it was freezing out there!!) and I am already looking forward to the upcoming summer months. Also known as farmer’s market and garage sale season.

So I decided that I didn’t have enough going on and wanted to design a market bag,

Because I love seeing how other’s creative process works- I wanted to share my creative process. It usually begins with me getting completely off track on Pintrest researching ideas, themes, stitches, etc, that I feel would work well with the general idea kicking around in my head.

In this case:  I need a bag for the spring. Something that has a solid and cushy bottom so produce has a place to rest, enough holes to quickly see how filled the bag is- but not so big that you are worried about everything falling out… and it has to be cute. Obviously.


These were the main pins that I wanted to incorporate into my design.

  1. The spiral flower pattern that I fell in love with and decided to make many more in many colors for no reason. CLICK HERE FOR TUTORIAL
  2. A nice open stitch that looks easy, has structure so the bag won’t stretch to oblivion and beyond and the holes are small enough to keep most stuff in the bag and off the sidewalk. LINK TO THE PIN (I can not find an actual URL for this one)
  3. A bag with a lacy crochet for the body, a pretty grouping of flowers, and a wide bag handle so it won’t dig into your shoulders. LINK TO THE ESTY PATTERN PDF
  4. A butterfly! It’s spring peeps- that means butterflies!! CLICK HERE FOR TUTORIAL
  5. Curly Q!! How cute is that? It needs to be on the bag …. CLICK HERE FOR TUTORIAL
  6. Love, love, love the colors and how the leaves peek out from behind the flower. CLICK HERE FOR TUTORIAL
  7. The leaf is actually part of the same tutorial that the flower from #6 is a part of. HERES THE LINK TO THE TUTORIAL AGAIN

After compiling a bunch of ideas that I want to shove into one project, I go back to thinking about the practical side of the project. For example, I am a clutz and can drop things like no body’s business. This bag needs a drawstring.

Should this bag have one strap or two? I decided on one for this one.

How should it be constructed: piece by piece to be seamed later or as-I-go? Seams suck. Join-as you-go is the way to go!

What color/material should it be? If I am using it for farmer’s markets and garage sales I want something that is durable, can stand up to a million washings, and I won’t be afraid to set it on the ground if need be. So a medium neutral color is the way to go. Truth be told- I wanted to make this out of cotton- but I didn’t have any on hand so I used acrylic which is a perfectly good alternative if you plan on beating the crap out of the bag lovingly use the bag for years to come.

So off I started, and I am happy to admit that I only frogged it back a few times to achieve the look that I wanted.

And thus, the Spring Market Bag was  born.



It is still snowing (yeah, mid-April and there is snow falling out of the sky) so these pictures will all be inside.

Now- I have not released any actual crochet patterns- the Big Bang Theory Afghan was a tutorial (and admittedly a very simple one at that) so I am very nervous to release this as a pattern because I am used to writing in knitting terminology… but I did keep very good notes on what I did and that is basically what I will share with all of you.

Be on the look out for a new pattern!!


One thought on “Spring has come!

  1. Hi, Christi!! I can’t wait for the pattern. I can think of a few favorite people I would to give this awesome bag to as gifts.
    Thank you so much for the inspirations.

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