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Chasing the Fireflies Wristlets, a WIP

I am itching for spring to come. Seriously- snow in April is the pits.

This girl loves her BBQs, camping trips (no, I don’t rough it- give me a nice tent and a pile of bankets though I and I will be fine), staying up too late sitting outside just talking with the hubster and/or a friend or two while knocking back a few drinks, playing cards by candle light (because who wants to be inside?) and overall enjoying the spring/summer/autumn nights(in Wisconsin those three seasons usually take up on 6 months combined).

Unless it is the dead middle of summer however, the nights will cool off enough to give you a bit of a chill. So, in preparation of the upcoming warm season (I still believe that this snow will melt away any day now) I have started designing a simple, uber quick knitting pattern that may also double as gifts for the holidays….

The mood board is below!


  1. I love the simple and clean lines of this! Free Pattern to a Pair of Wristers from Red Heart
  2. The photo reminds me of a camping trip that the hubster and I took for our 3 year anniversary. We spent most of the days on the picnic table playing card and dice games. It is also a link to a checklist for camping with children.
  3. I love the simplicity of the purl and garter stitch, and the hearts are too cute!! Link to the “I Heart Righties or Lefties” on Etsy
  4. I love, love, love the hearts idea but I fear that stitch work would become stretched out and may even catch on things so the solution is the adorable Itty Bitty Heart tutorial by SALT for the spirit  that will give me hearts and that little extra “cute” without worrying about embrodery.
  5. I love food, roasting stuff over a campfire, bonfire, or even a grill is something that I am soooo looking forward to! Also, this is an awesome camping checklist that I would use.

I am still working out a few kinks but here is a sneek peek of one of my trial runs with designing the pattern

The hubster would not stop making me laugh! But, the photo shoot was mainly to show off the idea so I don’t really care.

What do you all think? Is anyone else looking forward to (or, and this is more likely, already enjoying) the warmer months?

Is anyone finding the mood boards useful?


2 thoughts on “Chasing the Fireflies Wristlets, a WIP

  1. Love reading your mood blogs – and everything else – really like those little crocheted hearts – am going to use them (somehow) in an afghan pattern. Like you, I am getting sick and tired of winter.

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