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Knitting & Crochet Blog Week: Day 1

So I decided to particpate in the 4th annual blog week for knitting and crocheting! Check it out here (seriously, check it out even if you don’t blog- it is an uber cute blog with some awesome tuts).

For day 1- this is the prompt:

” A bit like Harry Potter, but not quite, this year’s Knitting & Crochet Blog Week is split into 4 houses. Don your favourite knitted or crocheted hat and let it guide you to which house you will be in.

So choose your house. You may be a combination of more than one of these noble beasts, but think about which house best embodies your qualities and declare your place. 

Post about your crafting outlook/style and why you chose this house. The descriptions have been purposefully written to seem quite vague, but that’s really because they are only the merest starting point to prompt bloggers to write about in which ways they identify themselves within their craft(s).”Kniting and crochet blog week house of monkey

And, I decided I am a monkey. Anyone else creeped out by the monkey’s face though?

The House of Monkey: Intelligent and with a fun loving side, Monkeys like to be challenged with every project presenting them with something new and interesting.

I love projects that challenge me, in fact for most my projects I try to learn at least one new technique or try to do something that I have failed at previously. It keeps things interesting for me and I love it!

Even when I am browsing for ideas on pinterest or looking on ravelry, I never limit myself to the techniques that I already know. For example, just today while on Pinterest I saw…

A cool way to make an afghan (good thing there are pictures because I am not bi-lingual)

a vintage way to make slippers:

Cool right?

How about this- a way to crochet a crapet based off of a mesh backing (crocheted) and then dc in a pattern (Warning: the link is also not english…. )

вязаные коврики с мастер- классом

And I could go on and on- but the point is that there is just too many fun, new exciting things to try so why on earth would you want to limit yourself to only what you know?

Of course- this could possibly be a reflection of just how little I know about crochet/knitting – but if you don’t stretch your wings you will never know.

Anyone else participating in this blog week? Even if not- what house would you consider yourself to be in?


Lemme know what you think!

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