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Knitting & Crochet Blog Week: Day 4


“What are your favourite colours for knitted or crocheted projects. Have a think about what colours you seem to favour when yarn shopping and crafting.

Only after writing this part of your post should you then actually look to see what colours you have used in your projects. Make a quick tally of what colours you have used in your projects over the past  year and compare it to the colours you have written about. Compare this, in turn, to the colours that are most dominant in your yarn stash – do they correlate?

Now think back to your house animal – do the colours you have chosen relate to your animal in anyway – if you are in the house of peacock, for example, are your projects often multicoloured and bright?”


This is an interesting prompt- as some readers may know I have only very recently started looking closely at the colors that I choose for my projects. I do know that I tend to favor more “natural” colors when shopping for yarn. Even when I am looking for color schemes I am usually drawn to ones that are taken from nature. I also believe that when most people say “natural colors” the tendancy is to think of soft grays, warm browns, etc. While these are all lovely colors that I do adore- nature is rarely only these colors. The soft gray of rocks will also have the light beige of the sand, the bright blue of the sky and the deep teal of the ocean. The warm brown of the woods will also have the bright and deep greens of the foliage, the brilliant red of berries, and splashes of yellows, blues, and whatever other colors because of flowers.


Natural colors for me is not limiting to the neutrals- but to use the neutrals with other colors to create a truely fabulous color combo that makes me smile. I usually find my color combos on Design Seeds. Words can not describe how much I wish I could get a book with all my favorite color combos printed in it. I would page through it whenever I was having a bad day just to look at pretty colors.

Ah….. but I digress.


So, looking at the colors that I have used in my previous projects… it looks about as colorful and scattered as the images above.

I believe that my projects do reflect my color choices. Of course it helps that most colors are found in nature…. although I do think looking at the images the ones that I have done more recently reflect nature more. This would make sense as previously I would just grab whatever caught my eye and cross my fingers that it would turn out fantastic. My stash reflects this for sure- I have a bunch of neutrals and then a ton of partical skiens in every color of the rainbow!

I am not sure if this relates to the House of Monkey. I suppose because I am not afraid to try different color schemes it would- trying something new is one of my main motivational factors to pick up a new project. Color is another aspect of the process that I am really enjoying playing with (although it did take a while to finally warm up to it!).

And,  just because I love all of ya’ll – here’s some more pretty pictures ❤



2 thoughts on “Knitting & Crochet Blog Week: Day 4

  1. Just got back from visiting Design Seeds website – her ebooks look awesome ! ! ! This will be one of my favorite “looky at” sites – thanks for posting info on it.

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