Happy Memorial Day!!

I wanted to wish all my followers a happy and safe Memorial Day!

It has been quiet on my blog lately- but I swear it is for good reason. I have spent this past month interviewing, accepting, and now preparing to start a new job that was a goal of mine! Needless to say, I am so excited- but the blog took a hit because there simply was more important things to do.

Now that things have calmed a bit, you can expect the blog to return to normal. Not sure what normal is for this blog- but there you go.

In celebration of Memorial Day, here are some warm fuzzy feelings that I would like to share. They come in the form of cute puppy GIFs so feel free to share with loved ones.


(all GIFs were found via Tumblr – just search for “cute puppy GIFs” )

Also, be sure to come back later this week (or if you subscribe to the blog you will receive an email). There is a new thingy for this blog that is going to be happening and I am so excited to share it with all of you!!! The ‘unveiling’ of the new monthly event will go down the 28th.


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