Rose Red


My Rose Red

by Christi Wasson

This hat was literally created the last day of my summer break, in a desperate attempt to squeeze just a little more fair isle into my life. I named it after one of my favorite Stephen King movies, “Rose Red”, because the bold pattern, the strong lines, thorns and softly rounded flower pattern made me think of the stained glass window in the haunted house.


One Size, will fit most adult heads


Approx. 21.5 inches around


[MC] Patons Classic Wool [100% wool; 223 yd/205 m per 100g skein]; color: Natural Mix; 1 skeins
[CC] Lion Brand Wool Ease [80% acrylic, 20% wool; 197 yd/180 m per 85g skein]; color: Cranberry; 1 skeins

A NOTE ABOUT THE YARN USED: when I knit, both of the used yarns have the same gauge so you can use either one, the other, or (like I did) both.

1 set(s) US #6/4mm double-point needles

16 inch length-inch US #6/4mm circular needle

Yarn needle

Stitch MarkerIMG_0889


22 sts/32 rows = 4″ in stockinette stitch


Charts are at the bottom of this pattern.

2×2 ribbing= K2, P2 to end of round


With MC, CO 120 stitches. Place marker and join to work in the round.

Work 2 x 2 ribbing for five rounds.

Work Chart A once.

Work Chart A again to row 6.

Work Chart B (decrease chart).

Draw yarn through remaining stitches. Pull tight and secure.

The Charts

Chart A


Chart B



Weave in and secure all ends. Block if desired.

I always love comments ❤

If you make this pattern, I would love to see it 🙂

20 thoughts on “Rose Red

  1. Can you please give me some directions for chart B so fat the hat looks great, but I have trouble with the decreases, how to stay in the pattern.
    I have asked you this last week and hope you will answer me.

  2. This is a great pattern…..but as a intermediate knitter, I guess I expected some sort of instructions as to how to decrease. The decrease chart of course can be interpreted several different ways, but no information is given as to what the boxes mean? and…..shouldn’t you decrease on both ends of the decrease chart? I’ve been to a couple knitting shops and they were just as perplexed……it’s just a bit confusing and would love some help with this. thank you.

  3. I’m confused… You cast on 120 stitches, yet the pattern x5 is 125. Where do you increase? Or should it be cast on 125? And if it’s 125 co then the ribbing would be all wrong…

  4. On the decrease row do you k2tog, work the number of blocks for the row, K2tog, work the blocks? I rarely read charts but love this pattern. for example in row two of chart B do you k2tog, k21 of chart, k2tog, k21 of chart? Then with rows 3 and 4 do you decrease in row 3 but work even for row 4?

  5. Your Rose Red pattern is beautiful– but I can’t download it to my computer! Is there a pdf link like the other paterns? I’d love to print a copy if that’s possible. Thanks so much.

  6. I loved your hat pattern it is the first color works hat I have made and it was so much fun. Thanks again for the pattern

  7. Love this hat design and hope I can work it out to fit. I’ve ripped back and downsized needles after initial cast on and several rows past the ribbing. Way too big! Knit the hat with high hopes, only to frog after completely finishing it.
    Moved down to US #4 and #5 needles, knit more tightly, and moved back down to the #4 for the decrease chart, but it is still enormous.
    I’ve seen some who have removed one of the chart repeats, but I fear that would be too small for me. I’m probably going to give it yet another try, removing the first 6 rows following the ribbing, i.e., start on row 7 and just go on from there with the pattern. I think that will give me a better fit and won’t mess with the pattern repeat.
    I only hope that it will still be as visually appealing as your finished hat.
    Thanks very much for sharing the pattern!

  8. Hi and thanks for such a great pattern! I just completed one using fingering weight so it would fit my 7 year old daughter’s head. I have only done fair isle one other time so this was a nice change from the regular knitting! I’ll try to post some pics soon…perhaps when hat #2 is done for 5 year old daughter…thanks again for your talent and crafty contribution!!!

  9. Hi there. I’m making this hat (thank you for posting!). I’ve never done intarsia before–on the decrease chart, do I just k2 together at the end of each section?

    • to make a decrease you can either knit two stitches together or you can slip one stitch over, knit the next stitch, and then slip the previously slipped stitch over the stitch you just knitted.

      Unfortunately I did not write down how I exactly decreased for this hat, but I believe I knitted two stitches together in order to keep the red color consistent.

      I hope that helps and have fun with your knitting!

      • I haven’t had as good of luck as everyone else. The top shaping isn’t working out for me. It kind of sucks since I’ve done a lot of work so far. I must be too old to get the new kind of patterns. Sorry.

  10. Absolutely stunning! I’m about halfway through and it is turning out kind of small – no big deal, it will just be gift for my young sister-in-law.

  11. This hat is currently on the needles! Discovered it at and adored it so much, I cast on a couple days later. I am working the pattern with a charcoal gray (mc) and a light heather gray (cc).

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