Quick & Ugly Produce Bags

So here is my tutorial for quick and ugly produce bags! Please keep in mind that although mine were quick and ugly, I include instructions on how to make yours look better and steps that I skimped on due to my impatience but you may do to make yours look better.

Materials Needed:

10 yards of thin cotton rope

1.5 yards of sheer fabric (or old sheer curtains washed throughly)

sewing machine that has both a reverse and zig-zag stitch

safety pin



** you will note that I did not include a ruler or some other measuring device- that is because I did not use one. If you have a specific time that you want the bags to be, you will need either a template or a ruler**

Pattern Notes:

  • use a zig-zag stitch for this entire project- it will allow the fabric to stretch
  • Every time you begin or end sewing, use the reverse stitch function to go over the stitches closest to the edges- this will make sure the stitches don’t unravel
  • For my bags, I used an off-white fabric with a contrast stitch sewn with brown thread. To make yours less ugly, you can use thread that matches the fabric, or used colored sheered fabric.
  • Instead of using thin cotton rope you could use ribbon, or anything else that you feel will stand up to use.
  • Keep in mind, if you are substituting materials your goal should be to keep the bags as light as possible, you should barely be able to tell when you are holding one. Remember, for some produce they weigh it and you don’t want to have to pay extra
  • You could embroider the bag, but I would stay away from using beads or buttons to embellish because it would make the bag heavier


1. Cut two pieces of fabric that is roughly 1/2 an inch wider and one inch longer than you wish the final size for your bag to be

2. On each piece, sew a hem on the short side (or whatever side you wish the drawstring to be on) that is wider than the thin cotton rope (see image below)

3. With the wrong side facing out and both hems lined up, start at the right side right at the sewn hem and sew down the side, along the bottom, and up the left side

4. Turn bag outside in

5. Place a paper clip on the end of the cotton rope, and then string through both sides of the hem

6. Tie a knot on both ends of the cotton rope

7. Relax, your done 🙂

Lemme know what you think!

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