Big Bang Theory Inspired Afghan



One of my favorite shows is the Big Bang Theory, and when I mentioned to my hubster that I was thinking of creating a blanket like the one on Amy’s couch in the show- he was enthusiastic.

So, after looking at the images on crochetime: as seen on TV, this is what I came up with:

Materials used:

  • size G crochet hook
  • a crap-ton of Red Heart scraps, left overs, and a few projects that needed to be frogged
  • about 8 skeins of Red Heart black yarn


Chain 6, join with slip st in first ch to form ring.


Round 1: (using main color) Ch3 (counts as dc), 2dc, ch 3, *3dc, ch 3; repeat from * twice more,  close round with sl st to top of ch 3, sl st to next ch 3 space.


Round 2: (not breaking MC, add CC)  Ch3 (counts as dc), 2dc, ch 3, 3dc, ch 1 *3dc, ch 3, 3dc (corner made), ch 1 ; repeat from * twice more,  close round with sl st to top of ch 3, sl st to next ch 3 space.


Round 2: (breaking CC, continue with MC)  Ch3 (counts as dc), 2dc, ch 3, 3dc *3dc, ch 3, 3dc (corner made), ch 1, 3dc in ch 1 sp, ch 1 ; repeat from * twice more,  close round with sl st to top of ch 3. Break MC and secure end.


Make as many motifs as you want. I usually make enough for one row (in this case, each row is 20 motifs)


Using  Carina’s granny square joining method located here, join the motifs into a strip.


Still using Carina’s method, join the strips together the long way (in this case, I did 17 strips of 20 motifs)


Continue in this manner until all the strips have been created and joined.

[img coming soon]

For the border, start at one corner, join the black yarn. Ch 3 (counts as dc), (2dc, ch 3, 3dc) in same corner, *ch 1, 3dc in next ch 1 sp; repeat from * until you reach next corner. **(3dc, ch 3, 3dc) in corner space, ch 1, 3dc in next ch 1 sp; repeat from ** twice more, repeat from * once more, ch 1, join with sl st into top of ch 3, sl st to ch 3 sp.

IMG_2759(above: what the finished corner will look like)

Repeat previous instructions using a light colored yarn (Amy’s afghan on the show uses either a white or very, very pale blue- I decided to use orange for my contrast).

IMG_2758(above: what the finished edge will look like)

Repeat previous instructions once more with the black yarn again.

Weave in and secure any loose ends, wash with warm water (I add vinegar to the first few washes to make the blanket soft since I find Red Heart to be a very abrasive yarn straight from the skein).




  • it looks like the Big Bang Theory Afghan is at a much tighter gauge- creating a smaller blanket and denser fabric. You can easily use this tutorial- but substitute a smaller hook (I would recommend going down two hook sizes) to achieve a look closer to the original afghan.



13 thoughts on “Big Bang Theory Inspired Afghan

  1. Hi. Thanks so much for this. Need to brush up my crocheting skills. Been a while since i have crocheted anything. This would great on the couch in my daughter”s flat.
    If you were going to sell it, how much would you charge? I mean what would be a reasonable price? Not gonna charge daughter of course but if her friends were interested in having one too’
    Thanks in advance for your answer

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  3. Thanks, this is wonderful! Can you estimate approx. how much yardage you used of the black? You said 8 skeins, but what size were they? I don’t have a clue how much black to get, just need a ballpark figure…Thanks!

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  5. Does the little doggie come with this pattern!! He is so cute. I’m going to add this to my favorites. Thanks for the great instructions. How would it look if I made the squares a little bigger. I’m lazy and therefore could get this throw done sooner!

  6. I love your joining method and when using the same yarn as the final round of the block it is an amazing look. I found a pattern on the current crochet magazine for a tote bag made of what looks like a nine-patch on point with the top block not included. I think this will make a great joining for strength as well as looks. Thanks so much.

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  9. just read the joining method – thanks for giving the link – will use it on the granny square that I am making now.

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