Stitch Markers


How to Make Your Own Stitch Markers

Materials Needed:

IMG_0892Needle-nose pliers w/ wire cutting

A pen that is smooth

Wire that can be easily bent

Beads of your choice


1. Cut off a piece of wire that is approximately 10 inches long

2. Wrap the wire around the pen


3. Keeping the wire on the pen, using the needle nose pliers, twist the wire around itself at the base of the loop made by the pen (see photo above)

4. add beads onto the wire.


5. Using the needle nose pliers, cut the wire approx. half an inch below the last bead on the needle

6. Using the needle nose pliers, form a loop and close it

7. You’re done! Take your new, amazing, one-of-a-kind stitch holder off the pen and enjoy!!!


I love comments, and I would love to see any stitch markers that you make using this tutorial!!!

2 thoughts on “Stitch Markers

  1. Thank you! I wondered how to make these myself. I’ve tryed before, but without the pen and could never get a perfect circle. I’m definitely going to try it your way!🙂

    • thank you for the comment, I was beginning to wonder if anyone found this tutorial useful!

      I would love to see the stitch markers that you make🙂

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