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Knitting & Crochet Blog Week: Day 6


“Write about your favourite knitting or crochet (or spinning, etc) tool. It can either be a tool directly involved in your craft (knitting needles or crochet hook) or something that makes your craft more pleasurable – be it a special lamp, or stitch markers.

Is it an item that you would recommend to others, and if so for which applications/tasks do you think it is most suited. Conversely, do you have a tool/accessory that you regret buying? Why does it not work for you?”


This is an interesting prompt. There are a lot of things that I use for knitting/crocheting. Needles, obviously.

I prefer bamboo (both straight and circular needles) for knitting and I am in love with the bamboo handled crochet hooks that I just discovered (I don’t think they are new, I just haven’t noticed them until recently)


I do want to try using all bamboo crochet hooks- but there is this annoying thing called money that gets in the way of me buying whatever I want.

Obviously, there is yarn. Again, what I usually get is red heart for afghans and baby stuff that will be washed to oblivion and beyond- but my prefered staple for washables is lion brand wool ease or  Cascade 220 superwash, and for wool is either Paton’s or Cascade 220. I must admit, I do prefer items that I am able to wash in the washing machine as it makes my life easy.

One item (ok, items) that is probably a little more unique to me regarding what I see as a knitting/crocheting tool is ….. vintage suitcases.

Yup- you hear me. I seriously love, love, love vintage suitcases !


They are currently storing my stash and I have a smaller on in the living room to hold my current WIP. The picture above is a google image of one of the suitcases I have in regards to color and style- but mine is a samsonite and I am not sure what this brand is. I love how someone else thought to style it with a crocheted scarf.  And a fedora. How classy.

Yesterday the Hubster and I walked around outside during a neighborhood garage sale (yeah – outside – it was all for 45 degrees and sunny and everyone crawled out of their houses to go to garage sales. This is Wisconsin.) and I did spot some lovely vintage suitcases that were in great condition and had really cool retro fabric…. but the outside was boring beige. BOO!! So I left those treasures behind for someone else to claim.

But there is still an entire garage sale season ahead of me. Woo hoo!!

I am having serious scarf envy with that picture –  although to me it looks like a simple pattern of:


Row 1: starting in 2nd sc from hook, HDC in each across, CH 1, Turn

Row 2: *HDC, Ch 1, skip next st; repeat from *to last st, HDC, CH 1, Turn

Row 3: * HDC in HDC, HDC in Ch1 sp; repeat from * to last st, HDC in HDC

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you run out of yarn or until it is long enough for your liking. Add fringe. I would do thicker fringe but that is just me.

I am sure this pattern exists already – but I will call the result of my envy the “Suitcase Scarf”. Anyone wanna test my theory out and see if the result looks like the scarf in the picture?


Right- I am supposed to be writing about tools or something. Fine.

On one last note, I would totally recommend stashing your yarn in something that makes you happy. For me it is vintage suitcases- but I have seen others use hat boxes, old dressers, etc. Your stash is a major part of your art materials – and artists should ALWAYS treasure and take care of their materials.

Tools I would not recommend. Yeah- I have one of those, but it is more of a type of tool that you should ban from your crafty goods. It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it is a pain in the butt, it is an annoying little piece of plastic that will make you see red and have strings of colorful words coming out of your mouth.

the CHEAP A$$ Pom pom makers.

Pom Pom Maker Set Of 3 - Click to enlarge

It’s kinda like drugs – just say no peeps.

They are cheap, and it is enticing to think that one purchase can take care of three items, etc. I know, I know, I know. I am a cheapskate- but let me tell you – in this case it is not worth it!!! The little bits get warped over use (I am not talking a ton of use here either, I was using this travesty before I fell in love with pom poms). It resulted in pom poms that took forever to make, I wound up cutting the pom pom maker itself multiple times which in turn started snaging yarn. Oh – and if you lose even one piece of those six pieces that stop staying together after a few uses, the entire thing is useless (unless it was an outer piece then only the smaller sizes work).

Trust me – spend the extra money on these bad boys:

These are the best, the bee’s knees, the cat’s meow, whatever you crazy kids are saying these days.

They are durable, they are easy to use, they are wonderful. You can trust me on this – I love my pom poms. Even when I didn’t I hated using that cheap POS.

What would you recommend spending extra money on? Somethings after all are totally worth it!


2 thoughts on “Knitting & Crochet Blog Week: Day 6

  1. I love the idea of storing stash in vintage suitcases! I currently have mine in a large plastic storage box. The suitcase would be so much cooler:)

  2. I love vintage trunks for storing “stuff” – but would buy a vintage suitcase if I saw one that was not a boring brown.

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