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The Liebster Award


It is a Simple Stitch first! I was given the Liebster Award by the amazing and talented Grange Range!

The purpose of the Liebster Blog Award is to recognize blogs with fewer than 200 followers that deserve a look and try to help spread the word. The Nominee role (me in this case) is to list 11 random facts about themselves, and answer the 11 questions set by the person who sponsored them to give an insight into the personality behind the blog pages. 

Then I nominate 11 fellow bloggers, who should bask in the Liebster glow – which means doing the same as I am doing here! ie, my nominee’s post a blog linking back here to the grange range with 11 random facts about themselves, they must answer my 11 questions and nominate 11 new bloggers (and think of 11 questions to ask them – can be anything!). Off we go then…

  1. Name the title of the last book you have read.
    Omgoodness, I am not even sure- I believe the last book  I read was a Janet Evonavitch book (the Stephanie Plum series) but I just picked up some James Patterson books at a garage sale that I will be hitting up soon.
  2. What was the first thing you ever crocheted, knitted, or crafted?
    HAHAHAHA! This would be the ugliest scarf in the world! I picked up some (bent) needles at a thrift store and some (horrible) white acrylic yarn that was there too and taught myself how to knit garter stitch.  Of course at this time I thought one skien would be enough for a scarf- so my first project would up being about two feet of uneven, dropped, and twisted stitches. It was so ugly that I seriously contimplated framing it because I don’t even know how I managed to mess up every single stitch like that. and the bind off? LOL! I could never quite figure out what I did that first time- because it was just so not right.
  3. What is your favorite type of food?
    This is not fair- I love soooooo many types of food: Seafood, Mexican, BBQ, and steak/potatoes are the first few that come to mind (no- I can’t narrow it down any more)
  4. Who is your favorite band/singer?
    I love my Irish bands – but there is a plethora of music that I enjoy; to list a few of my favorites: Postal Service, Placebo, Natalie Imbruglia, and Silverchair.
  5. Tell of your fondest memory?
    Just one? The most recent one would be hanging out with the hubster while grilling out and relaxing. I have a lot of fond memories- and most of them aren’t big events but small moments that I cherish.
  6. What makes you laugh?
    Pretty much anything – I laugh when I find something even a little funny, if a funny thought crosses my mind, and I also laugh when I am nervous/stressed. So yeah- lots of laughing over here.
  7. What makes you sad?
    When people treat their pets poorly.
  8. If you could go back in time and talk to anyone from the history books, who would you choose and why?
    I have no idea. Seriously- I am trying to think and I can not narrow it down.
  9. What is your favorite colour
    I can’t pick just one- I cycle. Right now I am loving the hot pink/orange/teal vibe.
  10. If you could live in another country which would you choose and why.
    I would probably choose Ireland.
  11. Do you prefer beach or snow holidays.
    Beach.  Always beach.

Yeay! That was fun 🙂

Now for my 11 nominees (I love so many blogs it was hard to narrow down!):

  1. The Green Dragonfly
  2. Best of Crochet
  3. b.hooked crochet
  4. Crafty Tails
  5. AndreSue Knits
  6. Lottie Knits
  7. The Mad River Knitter
  8. Crafty Knitty
  9. Sparkle and Doom
  10. The Crafty Cripple
  11. The Yarn Identity

And for the 11 questions:

  1. What would you do with a week long vacation if money and distance were not an issue?
  2. If someone wrote a book about your life- what would the title be?
  3. Why did you start blogging?
  4. What is one convenience item that you can not live without (i.e. microwave, coffee pot, TV, etc.)?
  5. What are your thoughts regarding thunderstorms?
  6. If you had to lie what would you say your job was?
  7. If you could take a pill to fix an aspect of your personality that you were not happy with and there were no other side effects – would you take the pill?
  8. Do you have a lucky article of clothing or jewelry?
  9. Do you believe in ghosts?
  10. If you were asked to be a part of a superhero group (you can assume that you have superpowers), would you join them? Would you rather be an super villain?
  11. What piece of advice would you have loved to receive ten years ago?

3 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Thank you for the nomination!! I hope to answer your questions and do the whole rig-a-ri-mir-oll (whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?) later in the week. I’m teaching beading this weekend 3 hours from home, and may need until Wednesday to recover!!

  2. Thank you, that’s really sweet =). I feel like I only recently did the versatile blogger so now I’ll have to spend a day reading though my favourite blogs to find more people to nominate =D Best excuse to spend a day reading blogs!

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