92 thoughts on “Striped & Slouchy Hat

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  2. you say to use “standard stitch” for the tube but I’ve never heard that expression before and am confused as to whether that would be just knit rows or stockinette stitch….. Please help…. Thanks! Xx

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  4. HI there,
    i would like to know how many inches from start to finish. I don’t know when to start decreasing.. what did you do?

  5. hello! my grandson wants this hat, so I will attempt to make it for him ! My question is, what is the weight of the Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn, it comes in different weights – is it worsted or bulky?

  6. Love this pattern sooooo much. It is not only easy to make but all my friends and family loved it when i made them it as gifts

  7. I made this hat a few times (one for me and then some for friends and family) and it is quick and easy and looks AMAZING!! thanks for sharing x

  8. Can I knit the hat using to different sizes of double pointed needles? Meaning the brim using 4.0mm and the rest 4.5mm, or do I have to use a circular needle?

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  10. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I am going to start this soon, & it is going to be perfect ;)))
    Judy in Utah…are we Ravelry friends yet?

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  14. Hello there,

    one question: You said that you’ve used 16 inch length circular needles. After I’ve unsuccessfully tried to knit the hat with straight needles as also circular needles which are longer than 16 inch, I’ve ordered circular needles which are exactly 16 inch (what is roundabout 40cm).
    Today the ordered needles arrived, and you see me perplexed: 16 inch is SO small. Did you measure the 16 inch from needle tip to needle tip OR may it be that the 16 inch only refer to the cable’s length?

    • When measuring circular needles it’s tip to tip of the needles themselves. If you were to stretch it out and measure it, it would be 16 inches that way.

      As for seeming small, it’s better to squish stitches onto a shorter needle than stretch them out over a larger one in my opinion.

      • Okay, that makes sense. 🙂
        (And this could be an explanation for the fact, that my two tries of knitting the hat turned out to be totally oversized. It looked somehow swollen and deformed.

        Hopefully, this third try will work now.

        Thanks for your fast answer. 🙂

  15. Your pattern is lovely, and I can’t wait to cast on. I want to ask about your policy regarding selling finished items on etsey or at small craft fairs.

    • It is fine, I would love it if you would let them know where you got the pattern but other than that have fun!

      I also love to see pictures 🙂 Pictures always make my day!

  16. Hello there,

    I’ve recently started to knit this hat, because it looks amazing! But, I was shocked about the needles’s size. I’ve started with my regular needles. Here in Germany, the standard size for needles seems to be 20 cm, what is 7.87 inches. And then I noticed, that they would not be long enough as soon as I add some stitches.
    It has taken me some hours to find an onlineshop which sells 16inch needles. I ordered them yesterday and hopefully they arrive soon. However, I am somehow afraid that I will not be able to work with them. 16 inch seems to be extremely long.


    • Are you knitting this in the round or flat? I think where some of your confusion lies is the fact that the pattern calls for 16″ circular needles, not straight needles. If I’m mistaken feel free to correct me. 16 inches equals about 40cm, so if you have some 40cm circulars in the proper size you should be good.

      • No no. *laughs* You’re totally right. I could have died of embarrassment when (shortly after leaving this post here) I figured out my misunderstanding (due to comments of some readers of my blog).
        I didn’t read exactly enough. …and now I’ve ordered 16inch straight needles. *laughs*

        So what, nevermind. It’ll be an adventure to knit with them. *grins*

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  18. I just found this pattern on ravelry and really like it but i was wondering if it could work the same using the normal two needles cause I have gotten round to buying a circular and double end needles yet and I really like to start asap on my hat. If you have or know of any two needle patterns please let me know.
    Thank you for the great pattern.

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  21. I cannot download this pattern, the striped and slouchy hat. It looks easy and i’m a beginner , could you send it to me. For some reason when I try to download my computer goes back to original page or home.

    P.S/ I tried to google it and looked on ravelry but couldn’t find it.

  22. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve linked your blog in my latest blog post. I made this pattern myself (solid color, not striped though) and I thought I’d let you know that I’d done so. I found the pattern via Ravelry, and I have the same username there if you want to look me up.

    If you would rather I not link your post I’ll gladly remove the link from my site.

    This was an awesome pattern to make and it is nice to wear as well. It’s awesome!

  23. i just found this pattern after spending days trawling through hat patterns to find a really good slouchy hat i liked. this is exactly what i was looking for! thankyou i will be buying wool omorrow and knitting this this weekend!

  24. I LOVE THIS HAT!! I just finished it yesterday, but I made it in solid black vs stripes 🙂 Thank you so much for this pattern!!!

  25. This was my very first in-the-round pattern, and my absolute favorite pattern i’ve ever made. Unfortunately I used really cheap, thin yarn and the hat is now too stretched out to wear. I have some beautiful acrylic super bulky yarn thats just begging to be a hat. Any ideas how to modify this pattern for super bulky? I’m thinking all numbers split in half, but wanted to see if you had any advice first.

  26. My daughter wants a slouchy hat. I found this pattern through Ravelry.com. I can’t wait to get started on it for her. She wants a hat that she can either wear her long hair down or put it all up into the hat on bad hair days. I think this pattern will be perfect for her.

    I will be sure and post pictures when I get the project done!

  27. Thank you SO much for this pattern! There was a remotely similar hat to yours in a knitting book I have that I liked, but it was a lot less slouchy. I found your pattern through the Google image search and loved it, and I don’t generally like hats! I’m new to knitting (this is my second project, the first was a caveman lady) so this has been a large enough project for me to learn how to get my stitches consistent and figure out the rhythm. I was very excited when I was able to really start seeing the ribbing, and I definitely love the circular needles.

    The only question I have at the moment is when you change colors. Does the color you used on the previous row get tied off, or does it just carry over when you switch back to that color? It would seem to make more sense to tie them off, but how exactly do you do that and be sure it won’t unravel later?

    I’m really hoping to do well with this pattern because I have two more balls of yarn waiting to make another to match my winter coat, the one I’m doing at the moment was just a tester one from yarn I had in case I needed to start over I didn’t want to goof the new yarn. I also want to make a two tone pink one for my sister-in-law and turn it into a pig, because it’s her favorite animal. She would just go bonkers over this hat!

    • to add new colors i just let the thread stay on the ball of wool and every time i get to where i left it i just twist it once with the other colour thread to it dont just hang loose inside the hat (back of jumper, whatever) then continue knitting with the new colour =) hope this was understandable for you, or else e-mail me on mai.egeland@gmail.com and ill try to describe it better..

      else i have to say i love this hat! just finished it and it looks great. didnt do the stripes since i used multicolourd yarn, and its so nice and soft (knitted in alpacca as xmas pressie for my brother) thank you so much for this pattern.. will knit more of these =D

  28. I love it! Thanks for a great and free pattern. I love slouchy hats and will make it by this winter! Will definitely put it on Ravelry for you to see (Arielluria).

  29. You have no idea how long I spent looking for perfect slouchy pattern – this is great, thanks! I have so many odd balls of wool my only problem now is deciding which colours to start with! I am sure I will end up making it in lots of variations!

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  31. i totally love this hat. im making one in a variagated thats black, maroon, and a shocking bright blue 😀 i am LOVING it so far. (almost done the ribbing!)
    thanks so much for the pattern 😀 😀

  32. Love your hat pattern. I just finished making it with Classic Yarns silk/wool yarn. My hat is not as “slouchy” as yours……it seems to be smaller….I think my next one I will add to the increase stitches and add a few rows of knit…..

    thanks for sharing

  33. I found your pattern on Ravelry and can’t wait to make it! I’ve been combing the internet looking for a cute slouch hat and this is perfect! Thanks for giving the pattern away! I like it so much that I think I may make one for me and my daughter!


    • The double pointed needles are used for the very top of the hat when you have too few stitches to use the circular needles. If you use the “magic loop” method you will not need to use the double pointed needles.

      Good luck and hope you have fun with your project!

      • Do you start with the double pointed needles at the first decrease round or a few in? This is my first time making a hat with circular needles and I am at the last 8 rounds and not sure when I should move to the double pointed needles. BTW love this hat, thanks so much for posting it!

      • I switched to them when it was too cumbersome to use the circs- I can’t remember exactly when that was but usually I can get a few decreases in prior to switching. Imo however, there is not right or wrong so if you think you should, just go ahead and switch to double pointed needles. Hope that helps!

  34. This was my very first non-flat project. So, of course I messed it up! I think I miscounted how many rows I had because it’s not very slouchy. But, it still fits and it made a nice hat anyway! I’m going to try again, and hopefully mine looks as nice as yours! Thank you for posting the pattern!

  35. I’m a fairly new knitter and I’m in love with this hat. I’m not sure of some of the symbols used in the pattern, like KFB. What exaclty does this mean and how does it work? Thanks for the help!

  36. Thanks for the comments everyone! Because the question of making the hat and/or ribbing smaller, tighter, etc. has been coming up a lot I have included instructions on how to do that within the pattern (see above).

    This is a very easy modification as long as you only decrease the stitches by multiples of four, and you will have to accept that the decreasing won’t be fully counted out perfectly. Neither of these should be problems however and I am thinking that the results will be the same more or less.

    Thanks again and hope everyone is enjoying the pattern!!

    • I would follow the instructions for making it smaller located in the “notes” section of the pattern above. In addition, I would make the striped rounds less than 8 rounds as well . . . maybe only 5 or 6?

      I have never knitted for a toddler so I am afraid that is all the advice that I have. I really hope this helps!

  37. Lovely hat, do we HAVE to cast on 112 stitches? That seems a little big. If I cast on less, would it alter the hat at all? (say b/t 70-96? 70 is my normal cast on for a hat, and 96 is the number I use for looser hats.)
    Thanks. 🙂

    • It will depend on your gauge, if you cast on less the only part that will change in the pattern will be the decrease rounds- but you need to make sure the number is a multiple of four for the ribbing. Let me know how it works out for you!

  38. I found you through Ravelry, and just wanted to say great hat! My friend has already asked for three in different colors. 🙂 Maybe I’ll even get time to make myself one. 😉 Can’t wait to try it!

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