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A Very Crafty Weekend

Happy Easter peeps!

Hope you had a great weekend with friends and family and crafting!

I know I did 🙂

Friday night I sat down to knit up a quick hat to use to pin some pretty flowers onto (yeah, there are more of them) … but instead this fell off my needles.


Not sure how I went from a plain hat to one with stripes and skulls and ear flaps but darn if it didn’t happen. It also turned out waaaaay too big for me (hence why the hubster is modeling it)


I really, really love the pattern- but guage is important and once this bad boy was blocked (shown unblocked in the pics) it got way bigger and now is even too big for the hubster.

I will be frogging it and re-doing it. And keeping notes… I am thinking this would be a cute pattern to provide.

Which means I may need some test knitters in the foreseeable future… any takers? LOL


Marlow was not impressed with my uber cut hat with skulls. He decided instead to sleep the entire time. What a lazy bones!

Saturday was spent with me playing with the pattern notes and attempting to re-do the hat better. It worked- but I still made one big enough for John (after blocking). So… there will be a try # 3. Good thing my coffee is there for me.


Third time’s the charm right?

We also spent some time with some friends over dinner


After a really fun time on Saturday, we headed home and Sunday we had brunch with some family- it was fun and it was nice to hang out with for a bit.

Then we bummed around a bit, and I found a treasure at a local thrift store that was screaming for me to take it home and make it a birthday present for my niece.


It is a handmade, all wooden barn that would be the perfect home for some My Little Ponies. It has already been loved by a previous child as evident from the dings, scratches, and crayon markings (that you can’t see in the picture). But it is too beautifully made of a piece to not have a second life for another child.

It doesn’t look like much at the moment- but as you may be able to tell from the paper underneath – this lovely barn is getting a face lift!

I have already started and I don’t want to share any photos yet- but this is going to be a really fun before and after!!


One thought on “A Very Crafty Weekend

  1. I am in love with that hat and been looking to make something similar myself, it’s be a crime not to share the pattern once you’ve got your gauge right 😉

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