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It’s a Jungle Out There (Apparently)


Most Saturdays I get up, and leave the hubster for an hour or so he can play video games and I drink coffee with my friend Megan.

I have mentioned her before. She is the one who convinced me that running in a relay marathon was a good idea. Pretty sure she is drugging my tea……

Anyhow, this last visit I showed up with some crochet- it was the Urban Jungle Hat pattern and I picked it up mainly because I just really wanted a quick crocheted project.

And this pattern fit the bill, and was uber quick to boot. Like so fast I almost completed it from start to finish while I was talking to her. And the reason why I didn’t finish it? I ran out of yarn (BOO!!)


The only modification I did was to change the end of the hat. To tone down the slouchiness I only worked the hat pattern for 10 inches instead of 11, and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what the pattern meant.  Once I did figure it out (I think) I wasn’t a fan. So I decreased by staying in pattern, but skipping every other space for 2 rounds. Then I used a yarn needle to close it tight.

Easy peasy.

And did I mention quick? So quick that when Megan was all like “thats cute” I immediately offered to make her one.

By “offer” I am pretty sure I just told her that I was making her one.


And I added a big ol’ pom-pom on mine. I love it.

The blue color reminds me of rain. That comes in the spring. (Hint: it’s spring, come on by and get rid of all this snow)


Megan is apparently not a fan of the pom pom so for her hat I made a detachable flower.


The flower I got from here. And I love it. Be prepared to see a lot more of it. You have been warned.

I added a button from my button jar because I wanted to- and I think it really looks lovely.


You will have to excuse the hair…. up until 20 seconds before the first photo was taken it was up in a pony tail.


To be honest- I think I actually liked the way that hers turned out more. I may forget to give it to her….


Just kidding! I love my pom pom, and I am already planning on making myself another hat to use for detachable flowers.

I really can’t say enough about how much I am adoring the flower patter. They are highly textured, but don’t stick out very far, and they are uber quick to make.

And it is helping me weed out my button jar.

I am thinking these would be really cute on head bands. and purses. and bags.

What else would you stick a flower on?


14 thoughts on “It’s a Jungle Out There (Apparently)

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    • Good eye! It is my dining room table’s tablecloth – I did not make it though, it was a treasure that I found at my local thrift store. If I do find a pattern I will be sure to share it because I would like to re-make the table cloth as the age is begining to show!!

  2. I love it! It looks so easy and quck to make! I haven’t tried it yet(just saw the pattern) but I will soon!!! Thank you!!!!!

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  5. I used this pattern too and loved the final result! I really like the flower you chose to use and think it would look adorable as an embellishment on just about anything. Nice color contrast too!

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